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Ash & Thorns 


Ash & Thorns is an Americana duo based in Oslo. Ash & Thorns started playing together in 2018 and has created a musical expression inspired by the mountain music of the Appalachians and contemporary folk artists like Gillian Welch and The Milk Carton Kids. The music is almost always recorded live which gives it an honest and unpolished edge. The result is a mellow and harmonious sound where the lyrics can take the main stage between two voices and two guitars.

One review of the debut album “Live at The Bookshop” (2019) said that the music "takes us back to the Badlands movies by Terrence Mallick or maybe to a scenery in which Huckleberry Finn is woodrafting down the Mississippi River" (Tidens Krav). Since the debut album, the folk-duo has released several singles and toured Norway and is looking to take part in the growing Norwegiana wave.

Foto: Lasse Nordli

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